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Why hire a security consultant?

An integrated security program consists of many elements including; policies, procedures, training, personnel, physical measures and electronic systems. It is only when the appropriate combination of each element is applied can an effective and cost-efficient security program be achieved.

The effective implementation of all the elements of a security program requires specialized knowledge of each and many security directors and facility managers find it challenging to maintain expertise in each of these diverse elements.

The most challenging of these elements for many companies is the design and implementation electronic security systems due to the wide range of technologies, features and components available in the marketplace. The components of electronic security systems are undergoing constant change and improvements. That is why many companies turn to MSB Security Consulting for expertise in the planning, design and implementation of complex integrated security systems. Our focus is electronic security systems and we stay abreast of current and emerging trends in the industry through our network with manufacturers, integrators and professional trade associations.

Systems are designed with knowledge of who the top security contractors are in the client’s market area and the manufacturers that they represent. A system design that cannot be met by a system represented by a reputable local security contractor means your security consultant is not bringing value to your project.

We can often off-set the cost of hiring a security consultant by the savings the Client will realize by soliciting bids for a functional and performance based security system design when compared to just soliciting bids from security integrators. Bidding a performance based design will allow for apples-to-apples comparison of system quotes thus ensuring the Client contracts with the MOST qualified integrator and obtains the best value for the security budget expenditure. MSB Security Consulting will assist the Owner in negotiating with bidders to ensure a contract is awarded to the most qualified contractor at a fair price.

In the Contract Administration (CA) phase, MSB Security Consulting brings value to the project by ensuring the security system is installed per the specification and on schedule. This starts with a detailed review of the contractor’s pre- fabrication submittal documentation and drawings. Accurate pre-fabrication submittals are critical to the timely completion of a project and key to producing a complete and accurate set of As-Built documentation. Accurate As-Built documentation can lower the Client’s Total Cost of Ownership by facilitating efficient repairs to the system or competitive bidding of maintenance contracts. We also conduct periodic inspections of the work to ensure quality workmanship and perform final testing to verify compliance with the system specification and design

Why is product independence important?

Most business owners are motivated to consider security systems for protection of their assets, including their employees and want to spend their capital wisely. Many times the business owner will contact some local security companies out of the phone book or based on a recommendation. Security companies are in the business to make money by selling and installing security products. This means the security sales person is going to recommend the systems their company sells and in many cases more of the products than may be needed. The end result is that the business owner, who may not understand what is really required, purchases a system that may or may not be what they really needed. A product independent security consultant will evaluate the business and determine their needs from a functional standpoint then recommend the technology that will mitigate the risk to the business. The technology could include access control (card reader) systems, intrusion detection systems or video surveillance systems and in most cases, some combination of each. The security consultant will make recommendations in the best interests of the client and not based upon any allegiances to a manufacturer.

How are fees determined?

In non-bid cases, we meet with the client and discuss their concerns and gain an understanding of their business and security needs. This allows us to develop a customized scope of services and fee. Many times we will start with security audit or risk assessment and then determine if a system design is needed. We work with the client to determine the most beneficial fee arrangement for their business or budget. In some cases this may be a lump sum fee or it could be a Not-to-Exceed estimate that is billed on an hourly basis each month. All expenses for travel, meals, lodging, etc. are billed at the actual cost and receipts are provided. An estimate of probable expenses is included with the fee proposal.

Why use MSB Security Consulting?

MSB has an extensive knowledge of complex integrated security systems based on 37 years of experience, first installing the systems and for the last 27 years, planning and designing systems in diverse environments. We continuously update our knowledge of products and best practices through attending training, seminars and security conferences. We have worked with the leading A&E firms and Fortune 500 companies and consistently exceed client expectations. Please contact MSB at 512-680-3480 to discuss your security needs.

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